Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hanging or beheading. In Pictures

Hanging or beheading. In Pictures  Written by Kaela Street. 20th November 2013

Does your 'right' trump my 'right'?

Abolished in the 20th century, capital punishment was used from the creation of the state in 1707, and in 2004, according to the Wiki on Capital Punishment in the United Kingdom, the European Convention on Human Rights prohibited the restoration of the death penalty for the United Kingdom.

Most British subjects, can define in simple terms, when murdering another human being is wrong. Many people can however, justify why a life should be taken. Not since the last public execution, have people gathered together to witness the beheading or hanging of a person, and sometimes the victim had done no wrong in the eyes of many, simply had the wrong religion or the wrong family allegiance. But we agreed collectively, as a state, that Capital Punishment, the act of taking a life for taking another's life, was fundamentally flawed and morally wrong.

I do not have a care, if you, an unknown person to me, wished to share a picture of an act of murder  to one of your friends. I would ask if you needed to seek help, and I certainly would not want to see it, more especially, I probably would not want my children to see it either. Though I  am well versed in the use of computer searches on the internet, I am willing to bet a 12 year old with intent, could search better than I and if the picture were available on the child's social media site, they would find it simply because they knew they could, and I couldn't. And it is that where my worry lies.

If Mom and Pop un the USA have no regard for their children being given access to images of life being taken, I like to feel we in the United Kingdom are a little better than that. I am not saying the social media site should not allow images of violent life taking, but the wishes of the United Kingdom, or any other civilised country for that matter, should be able to restrict that image from crossing the digital border that separates common sense from the thrill of the gun toting, school children killing countries that host these so called Social Media sites.

My right, to restrict the images my children have access to, should not be trumped by some cash-hungry social networking site in another country, who believes they have a right to publish such images.