Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Time to Create Employment

Time to create employment.
Written by Kaela Street. 6th November 2013
As I have grown a little older, I have had time to reflect on the incredible diversity of history that we as a nation have lived through, but more importantly, worked through. I heard on the radio this morning, the finality of British Shipbuilding is about to impact our southern coastal port. It shocked me. Not because I need the work, as I have been retired from industry, but the country needs the work.

We, as a nation, used ship building, among other skills, to carve a respectful bite from the worlds political landscape, and I am a little proud when I recall the globe in the school room I attended had so many places marked in the colour pink.  Pink was used to denote the land, the country, the commonwealth, was a part of the 'British Influence' that made this nation of ours, the most powerful nation on the planet.

It did not happen by chance, or happy accident, it happened because our kings, queens and parliaments, elected to build ships that were capable of exploring the world, capable of retrieving things from other ships at close quarters, capable of taking our people, including builders, politicians, farmers and smiths, and the military, to establish the British Influence on other places.

In order to do this, whether it was right or wrong to do it is another paper, but in order to achieve the spectacular success of ruling the world, we had to create in our own country, the biggest, strongest, fastest, bravest factory, the likes of which have not been seen, seen since the end of the last great war.

Every ship needed parts, every gun needed parts, every ounce of steel and iron had to be dug from the ground, forged and beaten, transported, machined, assembled and then installed. For every man that worked in the factory of Britain, a family worked as hard raising children, teaching them the skills, looking after the medical needs of young mothers, running the schools and the colleges.

These families needed homes, so we had a nation of builders and labourers. They needed feeding so we grew all the crops we needed and had farms filled with staff employed to grow food. We needed transport, so we built a railway network that was unrivalled. We made the trains that ran on the rails, we employed men to work on the rails and men to control the signals. This country had so many trades it would make your eyes water to try and catalogue them all.

They made us great.

Our government of today buys trains from France and Canada, electricity from Germany, Gas from Poland. We have even given the keys to the Bank of England to someone who is nothing more than a clever tourist. We make little, we employ few skilled people, and we have given our young worked shattered dreams of an industrious future. We pay for crooked politicians to take our money to heat their second homes, while they tell our pensioners to heat just one room if we cannot afford to heat two.

It is time for this absurd topsy-turvy world to end.

We have the coal in the ground, we can mine the best of the ores we need, we can rebuild our own steel works and iron smelters. we can turn our backs on the cheap foreign imports and start creating our own wealth, a wealth that comes from employing our men and women to work in our country making things this country needs.

We need ships, maybe not in the hundreds, although that is not a bad thing, we need skilled men to make the steel, iron, the coal, the wood, the guns, the houses the food we need, and why not. We have the manpower, we have the skills and when we sort out the Government, we will have the ability to make the right decisions again.

We cannot do this if we are being held to ransom, ransom by the energy suppliers, held to ransom by the bankers and get-rich-quick-merchants, held to ransom by the prisoners held in British jails to sit on their backsides and play with their x-boxes all day long. Put there by people who hold high office in the pigs trough stuffing our pound notes into their dirt, greedy, trouser pockets.

We must take control before our homeless die of cold and hunger in the winter, we must take control before the bankers sell anything left of value to their friends in countries we once bought freedom to. We must take control before those who worked all their lives, finally die in obscurity because they cannot afford to heat their room and eat a meal at the same time. We must take back control, before the face of the British Community belongs to a nation and a religion better suited to a another place, a place that brings war and terror to those who oppose their wicked ideals.

Here is how we will do this.

We will nationalise electricity production, gas production and all forms or power generation.

We will close the door to those who come to our country to learn skills and then take whatever they like without a single coin of payment.

We will rebuild our Heath Service, and for those who have wealth, or those who are not entitled, they will pay their way or get nothing, those who work for this country and the people of the country, farming, teaching, mining, labouring, building, creating, hauling, sailing and fighting will make no payment at the point of delivery for the Health Service.

Banking will change, for we have the best and the strongest banks in the world, and we will need them, but the millions of pounds created will no longer fill the pockets of the absurdly wealthy, but will pay the way for our Forces, Soldiers Sailors and Airmen, Firemen, Police Men and Hospital Men and women.

We will need Steel, Coal, Iron, Computers, Railways, Ships and Aeroplanes, we will need all the parts that make them, we will need people to make the parts, and families to support the people who make the parts. We will not need and open door to allow all and sundry to come and go as they please, but we will have control of entry, we will make certain that visitors leave when their pass is expired.

We will welcome every colour skin, every god fearing faith, every expression of gender and every language, we will not welcome a single person that wants something for nothing, that believes they are entitled to something they have no due for and we will not welcome those who seek respect when they have nothing but rhetoric to show for it.

If you work for the betterment of the Country, you will be entitled to a share of the rewards, be that a house or home to live in, a job that pays a wage to buy food and heat the home, a school where skills can be taught, and learned and a hospital where the nurse and doctor can get you back on your feet to go back to work, or a caring hand if your life does not have the ability to work left in it.

We will not make jobs, we will demand parts and labour for our nations skills and Forces, we will give you the tools and places to make the jobs, be they at the factory, in the garage or home, in the collective  yard, you will make the jobs. We will need politicians with sight and ability, we will need inventors, builders and craftsmen, we will need people and as a part of that, we will need support from a government, a government who will be proud to wave the British flag, to celebrate the British Nationality, to build the British Identity and the change must start now.

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